EuCanImage platform components are not only offered as central services but also are made available as installable modules for enabling a de-centralized data management infrastructure. In this way, data collections with mobility restrictions for technical or legal reasons, might be processed and analysed in-premises.

Data enhancement

POSDA curation suite

Containerized GDPR-compliant tools for data pseudonymization, de-
identification and transfer.

CMDRAD proxy

Lightweight virtual server for pseudonymization, de-identification and transfer to imaging data

AI Modeling

Deep Learning Client

Flower client-site code of a Federated Learning analysis for a PyTorch deep learning model. It loads local images and defines the model to train/evaluate.

Deep Learning Model Loader

Docker container loading a PyTorch deep learning model

AI-VRE core

Portable execution framework for running AI experiments in batch mode on the cloud. It includes a web application, an authentication server and a a job scheduler.